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    Yogini Rashmi

    Classic Tantra teacher, Life Coach & Healer by Heart who helps people to clear emotional clutter to create space for more Love & Healing within

    Rashmi’s thirst for spirituality and a healthy lifestyle runs in her veins as she comes from a privileged Indian family founded on a disciplined Vedic & Shakta Tantric upbringing. The childhood was richly seasoned by her maternal grandparents’ inspiration to find her spiritual core, introducing her to TANTRA YOG, MANTRA & DHYAAN at the very tender age of 3.

    She grew up watching her accomplished grandparents, parents & other elders practice disciplined YOG Sadhna everyday while managing their busy lifestyles.


    Her world thereafter revolved around the integration of Hindu spiritual literature, YOG, meditation, personal sadhna, and a healthy lifestyle as she practiced various aspects of YOG throughout her youth while being schooled in an excellent education of the ancient and rich mother of Indo-European languages, Sanskrit, and living her life in accordance with her ancient Hindu Shakta Indigenous culture.


    With time, her drive to find the balance between spirituality & human relationships led her towards the sacredness of #TANTRA & the complete cycle of her lineage in Indigenous Hindu Knowledge.

    In spite of a successful career in glamour and media, her heart ached to find her true purpose and sense of being in this universe and to serve and spread the love and passion she always felt towards #Shakti and #Mahadev #Shiv, the divine union of ultimate power, nature and pure consciousness. It was the practice of Tantra, under guidance of her Ishta Devi Shakti (cherished divinity divine mother of all, Kali), under guidance of her grandmother (a practicing tantric) that she found her purpose. Through this she discovered her passion in life - to heal and help people on a holistic level and bring them #health, #happiness, #harmony and #healing in their lives with their own being, #purpose, #relationships, and #sexuality.


    She has been practicing as well as teaching and sharing #Tantra #Yoga for 30 years, as she thrives on a continuous education from a variety of Tantra & yoga disciplines and sources. Her Classic Tantra teaching technique is deeply rooted in classic Hatha Yoga blended with a knowledge of Vedanta, Ayurveda and teachings from various Indian yoga masters, including ... Yoga Master Swami Niranjan, Swami Muktananda, Bihar school of Yoga, Kaivalya Yoga Rishikesh, Sri Rudra Gawda (Right hand of Sri BKS Iyengar, Tantra hermit baba vyas Gular, Rishikesh, Tantra master ma Gyaan Devi.


    In her workshops, classes & #lifecoaching , she helps her students experience a deeper connection to themselves and everything around them. Through Classic Tantra Yoga, she guides her students to unblock the love that is already present in and around all of us to make our lives and partnerships sweeter, richer, and more intimate.


    In her teachings of Classic Tantra Yoga, Rashmi offers practical tools for reprogramming the anxious modern mind and desires. In the classes, students will be guided through yogic postures (asanas), #Prana breathing exercises (#pranayama), visualization (of #Yantras and deities), and repetition of a #Mantras as the way to affect the desired reprogramming. “Classic Tantra Yoga truly helps to unfold our divine nature.”


    Besides her classes, workshops, retreats and private teachings, she continues to be involved in various charity based Yoga, Mediation & healing Classes for greater Los Angeles area, Orange County California, greater Portland, Oregon communities as well as various Seva programs for Sacred Garden Tantra Yogic Farm & Meditation center.


    After coaching many, transforming & touching lives of 1000s of people, Rashmi currently devotes her time between United States and India living out her vision to bring the blessings of #TANTRA and the YOGA heritage to all in the east and west.


    For more information about getting privately/personally Coached with Rashmi, (Women, men with sincere approach)


    or for Couples:



    * For those of you, who want to get a taste of What Private work likes, without ready to commit for long term, below are the options for a

    Private session or/and phone consultation.


    Phone/Skype consultation option


    NOTE: After booking the session directly, you can


    sacredgardenoftantra@gmail.com to confirm your spot & timing for your session/consultation with Rashmi's current time zone.


    (**All pre-payments are non-refundable and must redeemed within 90 days of payment)




    In the Sacred Garden of Tantra, we help people discover how to enhance their happiness, improve their health, and develop a holistic life style that brings healing in their lives in the areas of personal being, purpose, relationships, and sexuality.

    We teach how to develop deep grounding with simplicity in your own life hence inspire and bring a sense of pure joy and happiness with help of various ancient Yogic practices and Tantric teachings.


    What TANTRA offers, to the average person?

    A chance to experience a deeper connection to ourselves and each other. A way to unblock the love that is in us and around us to make our lives and partnerships sweeter, intimate and richer.

    Tantra Yoga asserts that desires are natural and that as long as we are embodied, we will have them. Our sense organs serve as windows through which desires enter. The constant presence of desire arouses a yearning and love for the desired object. Most desires center on the physical body and its comforts. People become slaves to their instincts, which constitute the lower part of the personality and fall prey to agitation, loneliness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, selfishness and misery. Tantra Yoga offers practical tools for reprogramming the mind and our desires. By means of physical and ritual cleaning, breathing exercises (pranayama), contemplation, visualization ( of yantras and deties), repetition of a mantras. Tantra Yoga helps to unfold our divine nature.





    Tantra Yoga āsanas, as well as all Tantra teachings, are essentially taken from the Rig Veda. Precisely derived, these āsanas balance prāṇa (your innate life force energy), and the very essence that gives life to all living creatures, also known as coiled dormant sexual energy. By balancing prāṇa, you develop an awareness of inner and outer blockages and with help of Tantra they are eliminated.

    Tantra views the body and mind as a continuum of one and the same thing, the ‘bodymind’, not two separate discrete parts. Ultimately, what you do to your body, you do to your mind and vice versa. Your physical/outer body health is reflection of your inner self/body.

    Tantra Yoga āsana is thus a moving meditation that enables the body-mind to relax enough to release fears (physical, psychological, emotional, etc), so that eventually, you liberate everything that is covering up your true nature, enabling your true self to blossom from beneath the conditioned self.

    Traditional Tantra Yoga offers a holistic approach that provides practices for your whole self (not just the physical), so that you can experience, enrich and express yourself to your full potential. In order to express your natural potential, Tantra teaches you to trust in and live by your true self (not the small limited, conditioned self), enabling you to release all limiting conditioning and illusions.


    Tantra Classes for Singles & Couples


    Tantra is NOT just for couples only!

    Why wait for a partner or soul mate to show up when you can begin Now to heighten your Kundalini (energy), raise your vibrations and attract more and right kind of Love in your life?

    We will tap in our creative Shakti energy, which is lying dormant in our base chakra (Mool Dhara chakra), open our chakras and expand our awareness throughout all layers of our consciousness.

    We use simple and easy to understand tools to raise our dormant sexual energy (Prana), like movement, breath, visualization and sound. You will experience an expansion of your heart and an opening to bliss/ecstasy known as the "heart space/heart fire." Step by step I will be there to hold your hand to unlock the keys for your body to have orgasmic responses.

    Following, we will play in the hearts pace with eye gazing, connective experiences, non-sexual connection and touch and dance to celebrate the divinity in all of us.


    (PS: There are NO SEXUAL CONTACTS in my class and NO NUDITY INVOLVED).


    Its a very safe and sacred environment for you to truly connect with yourself and unblock all the love within you and around you.


    **Any form of prior knowledge of Yoga, meditation, energy work add your learning & experience in Tantra. For directory close by check: http://www.yoga-centers-directory.net/



    In Rashmi's classes, workshops, Retreats you will learn solid techniques that you can practice at home to increase your ability to create intimacy in all human relationships (not just romantic relationship), more passion in everything one loves to do as well as expand your potential for living in higher level of orgasmic bliss (alone or with a life partner).


    These techniques also enhance your meditation practice, expand your consciousness, and bring in profound clarity and overall peace and joy.



    For more information about getting privately/personally Coached with Rashmi, (Women, men with sincere approach)


    or for Couples:



    * For those of you, who want to get a taste of What Private work likes, without ready to commit for long term, here are options for a

    Private session or/and phone consultation.


    Phone/Skype consultation option


    NOTE: After booking the session directly, you can email

    sacredgardenoftantra@gmail.com to confirm your spot & timing for your session/consultation with Rashmi's current time zone.


    (**All pre-payments are non-refundable and must redeemed within 90 days of payment)



    Classic Tantra is the only path of physical, emotional and physiological freedom where whole person is taken in consideration with his/her desires.

    Classic Tantra specially works on feeling/ physiological level, giving you the choice to be happy and content and fulfilled or not.





    Do you ever feel like you are always ending up with same person, with different names in relationships?

    If answer is Yes, then let me help you changing your pattern of negativity and falling in same situation again and finally attracting the right kind of love and energy in your life.

    In Rashmi's public as well as private classes, learn with her to raise your vibration and creative sexual energy to generate more Love within and in your Life.

    This class is ideal for those who desire to raise the vibrational level of the people who are drawn to them as well as to increase the number of quality people approaching them on a regular basis. We will utilize simple postures, breath, movement, and guided imagination meditations to raise our Kundalini Energy (sexual/spiritual energy that runs up & down our spines), balance and harmonize our Chakras and energetically attune ourselves to a greater ability to give and receive Love.

    People are naturally drawn to those they perceive as sensual, open and loving... learn to fine-tune these aspects of yourself and see how much fun it is to easily draw in the Love of your life.





    Traditional Tantra Yoga vs Neo/Western Tantra

    I feel it's important to make a distinction between traditional Tantra Yoga and Neo/Western Tantra.

    When most people hear the word 'Tantra' these days, they generally associate it with the modern day, western expression of Tantra related to sexuality only, commonly referred to as Neo/Western Tantra or well disguised services from sex workers in name of "Tantra".


    Traditional Tantra Yoga is very different from Neo/Western Tantra.


    Neo Tantra tends to focus solely on exercises and processes related to the lower one or two chakras (Our more animalistic instincts instead of the whole being) . These practices are usually limited to improving sexual and physical intimacy alone. The exercises and processes are geared purely towards sexual activity, better physical intimacy and the benefits that arise from increased awareness in these areas. These teachers/therapists are oriented toward a more massage based healing service instead of a Traditional Hindu Indigenous knowledge based Yogic teaching (Postures, conscious Prana control exercises, deity & mantra meditation, etc.)

    Don't be surprised if these self proclaimed Neo/Western Tantra practitioners criticize or even attack Indigenous Hindu Knowledge system and practices for they have yet to learn the multiple dimensions of an advance spiritual life themselves. For mere personal gains, they pander solely to a sexually repressed society's obsession with sexual gratification & band-aid with experience oriented practices.


    Traditional Tantra Yoga focuses on āsana as a baseline practice from which to build a holistic awareness of our own being through balancing and integrating of all seven major chakras, instead of only the lower two. Traditional Tantra Yoga encapsulates processes for the whole being, not just parts. The result is a much more rounded expression of self, as well as a more integrated understanding of the whole. Traditional Tantra Yoga teaches us the reintegration of the whole, and highlights life from a wholesome perspective. Traditional Tantra Yoga Teachers are actual Yoga practitioners and follow a healthy yogic life style.

    When one is fully balanced and integrated from the inside out, there is no need to engage in practices or processes that focus solely on 'fixing' one particular, or limited aspect of our being, i.e. sexuality only. When one is expressing from one's true nature, that is, pure divine consciousness, then one's sexuality is a spontaneous and natural expression of their wholeness.

    This is not to say that those who practice traditional Tantra Yoga don't place an important emphasis on their sexuality, quite the contrary. Tantra teaches the enhancement of sexuality & virility from this wholesome sense so as to optimize living for Sanyasi life (separated from society) or Grahesta Ashram (integrated in society). The three main religions ignore or actively repress sexuality. This repressed sexuality can cause anomalies in life (cf. Sigmund Freud). Many students come to Neo Tantra to learn techniques to cover up for a perceived sexual inadequacy.

    Genuine Tantra yoga addresses sexuality as sacred, a way that leads one to salvation, (mokṣa). Therefore, Tantrics are serious about their sexuality and their relationships. Indeed, sexuality is not a merely physical act to a Tantric. It is the basis of their spiritual science. However, in Traditional Tantra Yoga, these are not mere techniques that focus on the lower chakras, but integrated processes of a much more advanced nature which can take years and a traditional initiation for one to master. First, a foundation must be laid which balances the entire being.

    Traditional Tantra Yoga āsana provides that foundation, and that is what is offered in our classes and workshops.


    Need for nature in our lives

    Advance Tantric Sadhana with advance learning

    Current workshops, series & Private coaching offerings: https://squareup.com/market/sacredgardenoftantra



    Tantra Meditation and Yoga sleep ~ Deep Relaxation & healing beginning!

    Tantra Meditation- Taking your Meditation practice to next level! Om Shanti!

    The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
    The following Maha Mrityunjay Mantra has been taken from the Sukla Yajurveda Samhita III. 60. The Mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva and is a centuries old technique of connecting one to pure consciousness and bliss.



    Significance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra:


    Devotees strongly believe that proper recitation of the Maha Mrityunjaya rejuvenates, bestows health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity and contentment. It is said that chanting of Shiva Mantra generates divine vibrations that ward off all the negative and evil forces and creates a powerful protective shield. Besides, it is said to protect the one who chants against accidents and misfortunes of every kind. Recitation of the mantra creates vibration that pulsates through every cell, every molecule of human body and tears away the veil of ignorance. Hindus believe that recitation of the mantra ignites a fire within that consumes all negativity and purifies entire system. It is also said to have a strong healing power and can cure diseases declared incurable even by the doctors. Many believe Maha Mrityunjay Mantra to be a mantra that can conquer death and connect human beings to their own inner divinity.




    Om Try-Ambakam Yajaamahe
    Sugan dhim Pushtti Vard hanam
    Urvaaru kam Iva Band hanaan
    Mrtyor-Mukshiya Maa-[A]mrtaat ||


    As an experienced Tantra teacher will tell you, Tantra meditation is not the same as yoga meditation. Though certain recent formats of yoga meditation (Kundalini yoga, chakra balancing etc.) do have aspects of Tantra meditation within them, the fact is that these two disciplines derive from different philosophies that happen to have certain areas of overlap.
    Tantra meditation involves the utterance of tantra mantras (or sacred chants), Tantra postures ,Tantric Prana control breathing and reverend introspection and reflection. However, it does not, as a rule, require the practitioner to have sex. Rather, the intention is to find that space of utter non-thinking that is invariably attained during the final stages of the sexual act (Tantra level 3 & 4) and ensuing orgasm. The mind is neither willing nor able to hold on to any thoughts at this decisive time of sexual ecstasy. Likewise, the objective of Tantra meditation is to reach and maintain this state.
    Tantra meditation can be practiced alone, or in an adequately guided tantra for couples meditation session. It is generally advisable to practice it in a group setting, since this allows for a greater build-up of synergistic Tantra energy
    Under the guidance of a qualified Tantra master, the full power of Tantra meditation is unleashed and set to work in the student. It opens up a direct channel for Tantra energy to flow, thereby driving out all stress, worry and tension from the mind and body. As a result, the student can experience oneness with the cosmic forces that created, sustain and empower a life nourished by the ancient art of Tantra.
    Within each of us - specifically, in the region of the spine's tail bone - lies a core of energy that waits to unfold and transform us. The idea behind Tantra meditation is to allow this energy to ascend through the various centers of power - the Tantra chakras - and reach the crown chakra. It must be stressed here that this is primeval energy, which is in its unformed state. Though it is powerful, it can also do harm if allowed to flow without proper tutelage. In other words, Tantra meditation should not be practiced without the supervision and instructions of an experienced Tantra master. Under the right conditions, it can be a life-changing experience.
    An authentic Tantra master/teacher can teach you to harness and utilize the energy generated during such a meditation session to vastly improve your sex life, interpersonal relationships and ability to address the various stresses and challenges of modern life. Tantra practice is therefore incomplete without a good working acquaintance with the techniques involved in this powerful form of meditation.
    Do not seek shortcuts to finding and using the power of Tantra meditation - rather, allow your Tantra teacher to guide you every step of the way - and witness yourself begin to overflow with power, confidence and an unbelievable joy of life and living....





    Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi



    The word Tantra comes from word " Tantrika Tantra" in Sanskrit language, which means "The Nervous system" . Tantra is the nervous system of YOGA and yogic body. In tantra practice, with the help of asanas/postures, mantra/chanting and meditation, a tantra yogi concentrates on expanding all levels of her or his consciousness to unveil and become aware of “Supreme Reality,” Shakti, or the “Cosmic Mother” that resides in each one of us. The Tantric practice, celebrates and honors what is natural, seeking to unite all dualities in one’s own being---shiva and Shakti, male and female, Ying and yang, cultivating reverence for your highest self in order to awaken the divine.

    Tantra acknowledges the eight limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras which is the base of all Yoga.

    In Tantra, we strive to attune ourselves with Shakti, this dynamic, spiritual energy which is coiled hidden in each of us humans Base Chakra in order to transform personal limitations and release subconscious blockages. True tantra is a pure path, and treats sexuality as a sacred creative life force to be transmuted into higher channels. As humans, our emotions are various cosmic energies limited, broken up and influenced by patterns of attachment, and tantra is the also the alchemy of transmuting human emotions into divine energy, the transformation from sleeping to “wakefulness,” the movement toward true consciousness, one’s acknowledgment of deleterious patterns in order to change them and rise above them.



    Welcome to Sacred garden of Tantra blogs!

    Once you read I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please 'like',
    comment or 'share' if it resonates. I read every comment and love
    hearing about your thoughts and journey. ~ Love, Rashmi Tantra

    Uniting with the universal Prana (Ultimate life force energy) Cosmic energy is abundant in the cosmos/universe. To connect with that abundant source of energy you can use chakra breathing exercises or learn energy healing through Meditations. In my opinion, the best and more simple path to...
    The #understanding of #energy principle in Tantra: The contention of #Tantra practice is that the awakening of #kundalini is possible through the interaction between #masculine and #feminine forces. The concept behind this follows the same lines as the process of fission and fusion described in...
    Our Physical Bodies Alert Us to Emotional States: Maybe it seems strange that we should look at our bodies for evidence of an emotion, after all, don’t we just feel something like anger, pain, frustration, fear, guilt, etc. when it happens? We don’t need to look at the body to understand an...
    Many students and seekers often asked the common confusion and mis representation we have in west about #‎tantra yoga that is its all about sex and sensual genital massages and #‎sacred sexuality! Sex education is a necessary thing in our modern societies but don't confuse sex education with...
    Babies are the only beings (other than liberated souls) that are in perfect harmony with themselves regardless of the place, time and company they are in. They could be anywhere, with anybody and don’t care who is watching. They simply perform Yoga asanas (postures) to support their...
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  • Art of Conscious Love Workshop SEPTEMBER 2017

    If you want to experience more Love, Closeness, vulnerability, and reconnect to your Self-Love, this Tantra Workshop is right for you.

    #ArtofLoving workshop introduce you to ancient Tantra guided meditation practices.
    The practice includes both Tantra specific body work (postures) along with individual and partner guided meditations.


    These ancient meditations promote healing between the masculine and feminine energies in each of us, which is so vital to our happiness and healing the world.


    This fun and nourishing workshop is open to both couples and singles and is designed to:

    *Discover how your sexual energy is your greatest tool for spiritual growth.

    *Awaken new possibilities in how you relate to your own body, how you relate to your lover and how you relate to your life

    *Free blocks in your body that are keeping you from experiencing pleasure

    *Experience rich, gentle practice that will re-connect you to the love all around you


    Come and learn to connect more deeply with #Kundalini #Shakti, the primordial #sexual #energy within.

    Learn to harness her dynamic vibration to fuel the meditative process in order to access deeper states of awareness.

    Sexual energy is completely natural. Use it to revitalize yourself again!
    When we learn how to let our sexual energy flow, as it is meant to in nature...it revitalizes us, and makes us radiant and magnetic.


    Learn how to feel energized and connected through relationships instead of overwhelmed by them.


    Suitable for all levels.

    Wherever you are on your journey, your experiences will deepen.

    $60 Individual till August 5th (*Pre-registration required)
    $75 Individual till September 3rd (*Pre-registration required)
    $90 Individual regular price after September 3rd

    Come and learn with Rashmi what Tantra is all about and how to live a more conscious, connected and juicy life. It will change your perspective towards life forever! :)

    All major credit cards, checks and cash are accepted
    (*No Partner Necessary)


    September 16th, 2017 Saturday Evening: 6.30pm - 10.00pm
    Location: Mandala Yoga, 6833 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215 

    Website: www.MandalaYogaPDX.com
    (*The classes are fully clothed with No sexual contact)

    Registration closed for this event
    (*All pre-payments are non-refundable and must redeemed within 90 days of payment)

  • Experience a Personal Evolution in this weekend immersive Tantra event

    Tantra Meditations Weekend Retreat ~ 2-day complete immersion retreat (previously known as Tantra Meditations: 5 week series) is located in the healing gardens of Sacred Garden of Tantra's Meditation & Healing Center.

    Through these five immersive sessions over two days, you will experience and practice key techniques and ancient meditation practices of traditional Tantra. This foundation course of Traditional Tantra focuses on relaxing the body and strengthening the mind in preparation for level one tantra practices.

    This weekend Tantra retreat is designed for complete immersion. The world is so intense right now - we find sacred grounding in nature, each other, and the many forms of yoga.
    We will practice different #Tantra specific body work with Tantric #meditations as well as partner practices in the company of like minded friends. Within each of the five sessions, Rashmi will guide you through a mind strengthening meditation and will reveal to you the the associated #sadhana based upon the session's practices. These ancient meditations promote healing between the masculine and feminine in each individual, which is so vital to our happiness and healing of ourselves first and then the world.

    No partner is necessary. This series is applicable to individuals and couples alike.

    Come and learn to connect more deeply with #Kundalini #Shakti, the primordial sexual energy within. In this series you will learn to harness Shakti's dynamic vibration to fuel the meditative process in order to access deeper states of awareness. Sexual energy is completely natural. You can use it to revitalize yourself again! When we learn how to let our sexual energy flow, as it is meant to in nature. It revitalizes us and makes us radiant and magnetic.

    Learn how to feel energized & connected through relationships instead of being overwhelmed by them.
    Personal time will be given for self practice and to experiment & contemplate at the end of the first day.


    (*All pre-payments are non-refundable and must redeemed within 90 days of payment)


    Registration is closed.

    Event have reached it's capacity at the moment.

    Please inquire for new dates pre-registration in Spring 2021.

  • Take a Personal Retreat at Sacred Garden Tantra Yoga farm & Healing center in Pacific Northwest, USA

    Time to get away…and relax from the inside, out.
    Recharge, rejuvenate and restore with a personal retreat at the Sacred Garden Tantra Meditation & Healing center.
    With delicious, Ayurveda inspired vegetarian meals prepared for you in a serene & natural environment, Sacred Garden makes it easy to rediscover your own center.

    It’s a wonderful way to combine personal quiet time and spiritual inspiration.
    Sacred Garden #Tantra offer a Peaceful, quiet Retreat, Healthy food, private & group Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Healthy cooking classes & wonderful company of our yoga farm fur & feather babies.



    Are you ready to transform your mind & body!



    We are currently in the process of expanding Sacred Garden of Tantra Meditation and Healing center in Yogic Farm environment
    Stay tuned....



    Organizing a Tantra Yoga/Meditation Program at Your Workplace




    Having a Tantra yoga/mediation corporate program at work is a great benefit to employees, helping
    to support a culture of health, fitness and wellness. People who
    practice yoga/meditation at work often find that it helps to:


    • Increase strength and flexibility
    • Increase their ability to manage stress
    • Improves digestion and circulation
    • Helps to cultivate clarity, concentration and insight
    • Create a balance between mind and body
    • Improve breathing, Facilitate relaxation, Improve posture
    • Strengthen memory, focus and concentration
    • Improve morale, job satisfaction and positive thinking patterns

    … and these benefits all add up to better performance at work! 

    Connect with Rashmi to provide you with important tools for leading a
    healthy, happy work life.


    Rashmi customizes onsite yoga/meditation programs to meet the needs of both
    the company and employees. If you are interested in setting up a corporate yoga program,

    please call us at 949.204.3820 or Contact us via email for more information.


    *On-site corporate Tantra yoga/meditation classes may be set up with the employees paying for the class or with the company paying.


    Love Yoga, Love yogis, Love Tantra, Love life. We think they are awesome people! Would love to meet and connect with you all awesome Yogis/Genuine Tantrikas/Truth seekers! Let's talk about Hindu Indigenous Knowledge, conscious living with Dharma and what they have to offer for humanity!:)




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  • Volunteer/ Seva

    Sacred Garden Tantra Meditation & Healing Center has Volunteer/Trade Opportunities available! We have a flexible system set up where you can sign up to volunteer any number of hours in a week (can vary week to week), or month and get credits toward Events, Ayurvedic Herbal Consultations and Formulas, Classes or personal retreats and more. Volunteer positions include Gardening, Kitchen, House keeping, Social Media/Marketing Support, construction/wood working, electric/plumbing or whatever skills you have to share that will benefit the Center and our CommUnity!



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