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How can I receive Prana (cosmic energy) freely?

Healing with #prana (cosmic energy) through Tantric meditations
Uniting with the universal Prana (Ultimate life force energy)

Cosmic energy is abundant in the cosmos/universe. To connect with that abundant source of energy you can use chakra breathing exercises or learn energy healing through Meditations.

In my opinion, the best and more simple path to choose for receiving this positive energy is #Tantra meditations.

Cosmic energy enters through the mind and Tantric meditations help the mind to be more focused to receive it. Cosmic energy enters our individual mind-body system through the #chakras and supports the human energy field.

In most humans chakras are at least partially closed most of the time because of the distractions in the mind like #anxiety, #fear, #worry, #stress, #guilt and negative emotions.

When you enter in tantric meditative state, the mind and body have the tendency to become one. This helps the physical and spiritual self to receive the energy and helps in cosmic energy healing. Experts in cosmic energy healing also suggest that you can channelize  cosmic energy through breathing meditation as well.

Specific breathing and sound meditations helps in bringing calmness in the mind and aids in the development of inner peace. Breathing meditation can be practiced in a quiet place on a daily basis. When your mind is calm, you will be able to receive cosmic energy.

To increase energy in the body quickly you can also focus on breathing through your base chakra (#mooldhara) and absorb energy from earth. Earth energy healing gives us grounding and helps embodiment. It is certainly a good exercise to support your body.

#Reiki and sound healing with mantras and applications of specific crystals & gems as per your energy field, are another methods of receiving this energy and works on the principles of accessing cosmic energy as well as internal energy.

Transformational Energy Healing is a 360 degrees approach and combines different healing techniques together.

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Can Cosmic Energy Really Heal?

Healing through cosmic energy takes place as you have received this energy from a healer or through your own self. Positive or good energy always helps in healing of the mental, physical, and spiritual self.
Cosmic energy can help in healing you from inside out. The human mind and body are inscribed in an energy field that is nourished by cosmic energy. Human activities produce both positive and negative energy and when negative energy increases, we are faced with health problems.

By receiving cosmic energy, you can reduce or remove the negative energy and create a harmony. Some of the physical benefits it gives include:

•It helps in proper blood flow and reduces the workload of your heart
•It helps in lowering lactate and #cortisol, which are often associated with stress

•It balance insulin which is responsible for many functions in body
•It can help in reducing free radicals
•It creates higher skin resistance and helps in healing cardiovascular diseases
•It helps in removing all psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and irritability
•It enhances the psychological self by increasing the feelings of self-actualization, and rejuvenation
•It also improves memory

Tuning #pranic field of human body with Universal Prana
Prana is not only the life force, it is also a very powerful healingforce in the body that can even eradicate the most difficult physical problems. Moreover, the prana within us is a part of the universal prana.

I am not talking about positive and negative ions now, I am speaking of a metaphysical substance. This is called universal prana and your prana is a part of that. If you can unite yourself with the universal prana, you can draw the required amount of prana whenever you need.

In order to tune yourself to this universal prana, you must be able to reach a high state of meditation through Tantra Meditations. When you control the breath, the mind is also controlled and the awareness becomes one-pointed. That one-pointed awareness is comprehended in the mid-eyebrow centre where the point is seen as a light. The light grows in intensity and becomes bigger and bigger until it completely envelops your consciousness. Then there is illumination all around you, and at this point you can connect yourself with the universal prana.

It is very difficult for us to attune ourselves to the universal prana because our awareness is very limited. Most of us only know about deep breathing, and we think that by breathing deeply fifty to a hundred times, we will get more and more shakti. Of course we do, but we need a finer form of prana shakti which can be used for awakening the brain.

Throughout your body there is a pranic field which is known as pranamaya kosha. You must know how to tune this pranamaya kosha with the universal prana. Your pranamaya kosha can be awakened by practising pranayama correctly, by fasting or eating properly, and by perfecting meditation on the mid-eyebrow centre. Then, when you are able to see that great enveloping light, you become the medium of the universal prana. Thereafter, you can distribute this prana to those who are in short supply.