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Tantra: A path of ultimate yogis not bhogis

Understanding the balancing energy principles in Tantra & Role of Tantric Guru
The #understanding of #energy principle in Tantra:

The contention of #Tantra practice is that the awakening of #kundalini is possible through the interaction between #masculine and #feminine forces. The concept behind this follows the same lines as the process of fission and fusion described in modern #physics.

Man and woman represent positive and negative #energies. On a mental level they represent time and space. Ordinarily, these two forces stand at opposite poles. During sexual interaction, however, they move out of their position of polarity, towards the center. When they come together at the nucleus or central point, an explosion occurs and matter becomes manifest. This is the basic theme of #tantric-initiation.

The natural event that takes place between man and woman is considered as the explosion of the energy center. In every speck of life, it is the #union between the positive and negative poles that is responsible for #creation. At the same time, union between positive and negative poles is also responsible for #enlightenment, and the experience which takes place at the time of union is a glimpse of the higher experience.

This subject has been thoroughly discussed in all the old scriptures of tantra. Actually, the energy waves that are created during the mutual union are not as important as the process of directing that energy to the higher center. Everybody knows how this energy is to be created, but nobody knows how to direct it to the higher centers.

In fact, very few people have a full and positive understanding of this natural event which almost everybody in this world experiences. If the conjugal experience, which is generally very transitory, could be extended for a period of time, then the experience of enlightenment would take place.

The elements that are brought together in this process of union are known as Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents #purusha and Shakti represents #prakriti or energy.

Shakti, in different forms, is present in all creation. Both material and spiritual energy are known as Shakti. When the energy moves outwardly, it is material energy, and when it is directed upwards it is spiritual energy. Therefore, when the union between man and woman is practiced in the correct way, it has a very positive influence on the development of spiritual awareness.

Tantric Guru: Understanding the roles
Just as in the scheme of creation, #Shakti is the creator and #Shiva the witness of the whole game.
In #tantra the woman has the status of guru and the man of #disciple. The #tantric traditional is actually passed on from the woman to the man. In the tantric practice, it is the woman who initiates.
It is only by her power that the act of #maithuna takes place. All the preliminaries are done by her. She puts the mark on the man's forehead and tells him where to meditate. In ordinary interaction the man takes the aggressive role and the woman participates, but in tantra they switch roles. The woman become the operator and man her medium, she has to be able to arouse him. Then, at the right moment, she must create the #bindu so he can practice #vajroli. If the man loses his bindu, it means that the woman has failed to carry out her functions properly.
According to the tantric concept, women are more endowed with spiritual qualities and it would be wise if they were allowed to assume higher positions in social affairs. Then there would be greater beauty, compassion, love and understanding in all spheres of life. What we are discussing here is not #patriarchal society versus #matriarchal society, but tantra in its core.
In tantra, the practice of sex is said to be the easiest way to awaken sushmana because it involves an act which most people are already accustomed to. However, frankly speaking, very few are prepared for this path. Ordinary #sexual interaction is not maithuna. The physical act may be the same, but the background is totally different.
Both partners must be absolutely purified and controlled internally and externally before they practice sex. This is hard for the ordinary person to comprehend because for most people, sexual interaction is the result of passion and physical or emotional attraction, either for progeny or pleasure. It is only when you are purified that these instinctive urges are absent.
If this absolute purity and discipline is not clear when you practice the #kriyas, and #sushmana #nadi becomes active, you will not be able to face the #awakening. You will not be able to control the #passion and excitement because you have not tranquillized your brain. Therefore, you must utilize this path as a vehicle of awakening otherwise it becomes a path of downfall.
~ Divine guidance from Swami Satyananda Saraswati