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What your body tells you about your Emotional State?

Biologists are now starting to come to the same conclusion that #yogis, specially #Tantra #scholars from #India have been for centuries. That it’s not our DNA and cells that control our health, but our emotions. #Negativity brings down your immune system, and vice versa.

Our Physical Bodies Alert Us to Emotional States:

Maybe it seems strange that we should look at our bodies for evidence of an emotion, after all, don’t we just feel something like anger, pain, frustration, fear, guilt, etc. when it happens? We don’t need to look at the body to understand an emotion, or do we? It’s not always that simple. Our emotions are intertwined with how we get our needs met from a very young age, so, if you weren’t ever allowed to be ‘angry’ even in situations where this would be a natural emotion, then instead of that anger being felt and expressed, and properly released, it becomes waylaid by the conscious mind. Instead, it is seen as ‘wrong’ and then pushed down into the subconscious mind so that you can "deal with it later".

We can do this temporarily quite well, such as when we learn to hold our tongue when having a disagreement, and due to respect or love, or societal pressures, we choose to communicate our feelings at a later time, when they feel less charged. The problem is that when we push emotions down too long, the subconscious mind will start saying "hey, you’ve got some stuff to deal with down here".

Neuropeptides Lead the Game. Every time you think a thought there is probably emotion attached to it.
Perhaps it is positive, perhaps negative, but rarely, is it neutral.

With every charged thought you think, minuscule neuropeptides, or chemical proteins trigger a specific physiological response to try to keep your overall system in homeostasis. Examples of neuropeptides are endorphin(s) like the ones released when you have sex or go for a jog, and other hormones, like Oxytocin, the natural ‘love’ drug, adrenaline, the natural drug of excitement and fear, cortisol, the hormone of stress, and so on. There are dozens of these neuropeptides being released at any given moment.

Whatever your most consistent emotional state is, then, that is also what chemical cocktail being released into your body, and thereby shapes your physical features. The more prolonged the emotional state is experienced, the more profound the changes can be visually.

And practicing #Tantra yoga can help you balance these emotions within without external help. Tantra specific #bodywork focuses on #hormonal makeup of human bodies and regulates as well as balance #endocrine system which directly controls the #chakras.

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“Never get angry for anger poisons your system.” – Paramahansa Yogananda